A Guide On Bitumen Spray Sealing

Do you intend to conduct bitumen spray sealing on your driveway? While blogs and DIY guides could make this task look like child's play, it is not. For this reason, you should hire a bitumen spray sealing contractor. Below is a guide detailing why you need to hire a bitumen spray sealing contractor and the considerations to make when hiring a professional.  Why Do You Need A Bitumen Spray Sealing Contractor? [Read More]

Building Surveying Inspections: What You Need to Know

Building surveyors are professionals who are responsible for inspecting a property during and following construction. This is an important job, as it can help to prevent expensive mistakes down the road. In addition, a quality inspection by a qualified building surveyor can save you time and money in the long run. This blog post will explore the importance of having a quality inspection completed during and following construction work. Read on to discover more! [Read More]

What Are Some of the Main Differences Between Custom Homes and Semi-Custom Homes?

You and your family might have already decided that it's your dream to build a home from the ground up. After all, you might love the idea of living in a brand new home that has finishes that you have picked out and that has the floor plan that is best for your family. When looking around for a builder so you can get started with your project, however, you might have noticed that different home builders advertise different services. [Read More]

2 Advantages of Using Ground-Penetrating Radar Before Digging

If you are preparing to break ground at a new construction site in a new area, you may be concerned about what may lie beneath the surface. Usually, you may depend on schematics that could be old and obsolete. Or, you may dig boreholes to get an approximate idea as to what type of materials and conditions you may find. Instead of depending on these types of methods to scope out what you may run into while digging, you may want to consider using ground-penetrating radar. [Read More]