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5 Reasons to Fit Your Shop with Gondola Shelving

You've certainly come across gondola shelves before, even if you don't know the name. These are those double-sided units with shelves on both sides that can be put together without requiring walls for support. They're among the most popular types of retail shelving, and that's no coincidence since gondola shelving offers advantages covering everything from affordability to styling.

Here are just five reasons to fit your shop out with gondola shelving.

1. Shelf Space

Many retail outlets have trouble finding enough shelf space to fit everything they want to offer, but gondola shelving can help eliminate that concern. Since they offer shelves on both sides and often on both ends, they provide a practical way to offer many different items. Additionally, the fact that they can be placed away from walls means you can devote space to shelving that might otherwise have gone unused.

2. Mobility

Gondola shelves are sturdy enough to be freestanding, although they can also be fixed to the floor for added safety. Even when fixed, they can be easily moved. Gondola shelves can be quickly and easily disassembled and reassembled without any special tools or experience, which means you can move them around as your needs change.

3. Versatility

Even if you never change the location of your gondola shelving, you can still adapt it to different needs. Most gondola shelving allows you to move around shelves or add additional storage items, which means you can use yours to carry anything from large, bulky items to lots of smaller products. Since shelves can be adjusted so easily, making such changes will feel effortless.

4. Affordability

Whether you're fitting out a new shop or renovating an existing one, costs can often mount up faster than expected. However, gondola shelves are extremely affordable, especially considering the amount of storage space they offer, so you can either save that money or put it towards another part of your shop. Additionally, the fact that gondola shelves can be adjusted so easily means you should be able to keep yours for years, making them a very good investment.

5. Styling 

Some people assume that gondola shelving only comes in standard white-coated metal, but you can actually choose from a range of designs, colours, materials and sizes to match your shop's brand. Whether you want something sleek and modern, hip and retro or vibrant and eye-catching, you should be able to find gondola shelving to match. 

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