A Guide to Renovating Your Apartment

Renovating an apartment can seem daunting, but with the right planning and execution, it can be a relatively painless process. Whether you're renovating to make your apartment more functional, to add value to your investment, or simply to give your space a facelift, there are a number of key areas to consider. Here is a look at some ideas for apartment renovations, including replacing flooring, painting walls and updating areas of the space. [Read More]

Future-Proofing Your Home: How To Build A House That Will Still Be Suitable When You're Much Older

Building a home that will be suitable when you're older is a smart move. Not only will it make your life easier now, but it will also mean that you won't have to make expensive changes in the future. But what exactly should you do to future-proof your home?  Accessible Options The first thing you need to consider is accessibility. Ideally, you'll want to build a single-story home with no steps to get in and out. [Read More]

5 Reasons to Fit Your Shop with Gondola Shelving

You've certainly come across gondola shelves before, even if you don't know the name. These are those double-sided units with shelves on both sides that can be put together without requiring walls for support. They're among the most popular types of retail shelving, and that's no coincidence since gondola shelving offers advantages covering everything from affordability to styling. Here are just five reasons to fit your shop out with gondola shelving. [Read More]

3 Reasons to Use a Water-Based Gloss Paint on Your Trims

In the past, people traditionally used oil-based gloss paints to paint their trims. These hard-wearing paints worked well on doors, door frames, windows and skirting boards. While you can stick with this option now if you wish, you should also consider using water-based gloss paints for trim work. These paints work like older glosses; however, they have some extra advantages. What are they?  1. Water-Based Gloss Paints Don't Yellow While an oil-based gloss paint will look great to start with, these paints don't always age well. [Read More]