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A Guide On Bitumen Spray Sealing

Do you intend to conduct bitumen spray sealing on your driveway? While blogs and DIY guides could make this task look like child's play, it is not. For this reason, you should hire a bitumen spray sealing contractor. Below is a guide detailing why you need to hire a bitumen spray sealing contractor and the considerations to make when hiring a professional. 

Why Do You Need A Bitumen Spray Sealing Contractor? 

Over time, your driveway develops cracks and potholes. If you do not mitigate these conditions early, your driveway could get damaged, requiring expensive repairs. Spray sealing involves spraying a thin layer of bitumen and covering it with aggregate to restore the driveway back to its original condition. The new layer protects the driveway against water damage and improves its longevity. 

Bitumen spray sealing contractors will assess the driveway to determine the required repair works. For instance, they examine the damage to establish the necessary preparation works. For example, they could need to create a drainage system, remove vegetation, and fill cracks on the driveway. One of the challenges of DIY spray sealing is that you cannot tell the quality of the different sealants on the market. In contrast, spray sealing contractors know the performance of the various sealants. Therefore, they will use a high-quality sealant that can withstand the area's climate and how you use the driveway. 

Bitumen spray sealing involves some amount of risk. For instance, you will be working with toxic substances and heavy machinery. Contractors have the expertise needed to ensure safety while working on the property. Moreover, they have insurance that frees you from any liabilities in case of an accident. One of the downsides of DIY bitumen spray sealing is that your work could be of low quality. Therefore, the driveway could develop cracks after a few months. If you hire a contractor, they give a warranty on their work. Simply put, you will not incur repair expenses if the driveway develops problems a few months after installation. 

Hiring A Bitumen Spray Sealing Contractor

When hiring a bitumen spray sealing contractor, assess the professional's experience to determine if they have the technical expertise to spray seal the driveway. For instance, check the contractor's online reviews to know how clients rate their services. Moreover, examine the contractor's prices. Ideally, ask the contractor to break down their quote to establish whether the charges match their services. 

You now know why you may need to hire a bitumen spray sealing contractor. Consider the recommended tips when hiring the contractor.