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2 Advantages of Using Ground-Penetrating Radar Before Digging

If you are preparing to break ground at a new construction site in a new area, you may be concerned about what may lie beneath the surface. Usually, you may depend on schematics that could be old and obsolete. Or, you may dig boreholes to get an approximate idea as to what type of materials and conditions you may find.

Instead of depending on these types of methods to scope out what you may run into while digging, you may want to consider using ground-penetrating radar. There are a couple of advantages that you may find when you do so.

1. Locate Underground Pipes and Wires with More Precision

One benefit of using a radar device that can penetrate the ground at your construction site is that it will allow you to locate underground pipes and wires more precisely. Even if you have the blueprints for gas and electrical lines, these may have shifted after years of being buried, which increases the chances that you will hit them while digging.

However, if you use radar, the waves will bounce off of the wires and pipes to give you an accurate reading as to their location. This allows you to plan out the precise locations to dig without fear of hitting vital lines.

2. Visualise Any Potential Underground Problems Areas Such as Sinkholes or Bedrock

Along with detecting pipes and wire lines that are buried beneath the surface of your planned construction site, the radar also gives you the advantage of being able to locate potential problem areas without having to dig boreholes first. If you attempt to dig and hit sinkholes or bedrock, having to deal with these areas may delay construction.

However, when you use radar, you can find out what you are facing before you dig without having to spend time drilling boreholes. If you do find areas that have hard bedrock or sinkholes, you can then adjust your plans accordingly.

When you use radar that penetrates the ground, you can more easily find existing pipes and wires as well as visualise any potential problem areas before you start digging. This allows you to know precisely where you should dig instead of attempting to do so blindly. For more information about the benefits as well as how to use the device, just contact a local company in your area that offers ground-penetrating radar to speak with a representative.