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Should You Use Directional Drilling Next Time?

Obstacles are a problem for any construction or maintenance company. Having something in the way when you need to work there is inconvenient, but how serious a difficulty it might pose depends on your circumstances. If you want to build somewhere and there is an existing property, you can obtain permission to demolish it. If you have vegetation stopping you from using your land, you can hire a company to clear the ground and make it ready for planting, building or whatever you are planning. However, how do you respond if you can not move the obstacle? What can you do if you want to lay a power line between two points and there is a hill, a lake or a housing estate in the way? One possible solution is to hire directional drilling services.

How can directional drilling help your project?

If you are laying a pipe or a cable, you might cut a trench through the land along the length of the pipeline. If the route of the pipe is obstructed, you could build a deviation around the obstruction, but that may not be possible. Another possibility is to bring the pipe above ground, but that can't always be done either. Directional drilling is easier than either of those options. You must dig a small hole at the starting point for the pipe and the finishing point. Once those holes are dug, you only need to set the drill to bore between the two points. As your team will not open the ground above the pipe level, it doesn't matter what is on the surface. You can drill under any natural or man-made obstructions without disturbing them.

Preserving the environment

If you are working near a populated residential or business area, bringing in directional drilling services may be a quieter, less disruptive approach. If you are working in a more rural location, directional drilling may be the best way of preserving the beauty of the natural environment. If your project is not permitted to mar the landscape or destroy the local wildlife habitat, you could opt for directional drilling so that you can cut straight underneath the ground and leave the environment untouched. You can avoid scarring the landscape or causing a mess that might take months or years to repair if you remove mature growth.

To find out other ways that directional drilling could help your project succeed, speak to your local directional drilling contractor today.