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Have you thought about excavation and plant hire?

Do you have a new building project to undertake? Whether you are landscaping a single property or beginning work on a large commercial project, you must have the right equipment to complete the project. If you completed all of the digging and excavation work manually, it could take many months and put the entire building project irreparably behind schedule.

Where can you source your excavators?

When it comes to finding the heavy equipment that you need, there are several options. You might decide that you will invest in new excavation and plant equipment. Purchasing new equipment can seem an attractive option if you have several upcoming jobs for the equipment. A second option you might consider is to scour the second-hand market and pick up the equipment that you need. Investing in new equipment can be incredibly expensive and only makes sense if you are using the equipment regularly on an ongoing basis. In addition, to the high upfront costs, you must be prepared for ongoing storage costs, as well as regular maintenance checks and repair costs. Preowned excavator equipment will have a lower upfront cost, but the storage costs will still apply, and you could be faced with more frequent breakdowns and higher repair costs if the equipment is older. A better option is to find a company that offers excavation and plant hire.

Why excavation and plant hire makes sense

There are two main reasons that excavation and plant hire is the best option for your company: convenience and cost.


During a construction or landscaping project, there are plenty of things for you to do. You won't want to add to your concerns with worries about your equipment. Why cause you and your team additional stress wondering whether your equipment is reliable, where you will store it or how you will dispose of it after the job. When you arrange excavation and plant hire, you can be sure that the equipment you are getting has been checked for reliability. You know that it will arrive on-site exactly when needed and that it will be returned to the hiring company when it is no longer needed.


Unless you need excavation and plant hire for an extended period, the monthly hiring fee will be less than the upfront costs involved in purchasing new equipment. Hiring your equipment also means that you will avoid most of the associated maintenance costs that come with owning heavy equipment.

Contact a local excavation and plant hire to learn about your options.