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Have You Called In The Certifiers Yet?

Are you considering building a structure of any sort? Whether it is a single home, an apartment block or a big commercial venture, there will be many stages of the project that will all require careful planning. You will need to remain in constant contact with all stakeholders to ensure that the final building will meet everyone's needs and that the project progresses safely and legally. No doubt, you will be bringing in qualified experts to complete the work at each stage. You will likely have surveyors, architects, builders, electricians and plumbers all coming onto the site at different times to carry out their respective tasks. One job that you may not yet have considered is that of the certifier.

Why do you need certifiers?

When your local authority first agreed to the plans for your building, it was confirmed that the structure would be built in a certain place and would be built to particular standards. It is the role of the certifiers to check the building and demonstrate to the authorities that what you have built complies with all of the relevant standards and is safe for everyone to use. The certifiers will need to sign-off on the final construction after a full inspection. Before that, the certifiers will already have checked each stage of the project so that if a problem is identified it can be rectified at an earlier stage where it will be far less costly to fix.

What will the certifiers be checking?

Certifiers will carry out a thorough check of all of the work conducted on the building site. They will start by comparing the location of the building with the original plans to make certain that it is in the correct place. They will then ensure that the agreed materials have been used so that the building will be able to withstand all of the expected forces which could come to bear on the structure. When they have been assured that your structure is fully compliant, the certifiers will issue the building certification, which proves the building meets full compliance.

It is advisable to bring certifiers into your project in the earliest stages so that they can be aware of precisely what you are doing. By building a solid working relationship with them from the beginning, you can have confidence that they will be ready to come out whenever you need their assistance. Contact a certifier for more information.