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Why Is a Land Survey Required Before Construction?

You may already know that a land survey is required before purchasing a piece of land to get an accurate measurement of the piece of land and where the property lines lie. This is crucial in preventing disputes in the future or at the time of purchase. Here is why a land survey might be required before construction work begins:

Boundaries and Building Design

Just as you identified the boundary lines of the property before purchase, building designers also need to survey to identify these boundary lines in relation to the building design. The building designer needs to utilise the space available to fit everything you need without cramping up any room or space. This tells you that the determination of boundaries helps in the creation of building blueprints.

Land Contour Survey

This is a measure of how your piece of land slopes. There are usually some natural risks associated with land sloping. First, you don't want any flooding to occur. Secondly, you don't want to experience landslides. The land surveyor will, of course, know what your intentions with the piece of land are (what you want to construct) and will carry out a land contour survey to find out whether the slope of the land will affect your land use. If it does, the surveyor will find out whether any solutions can be applied to mitigate the risks. If there aren't, you might have to look for another piece of land; this is why this survey should be conducted before land purchase.

Inspect Soil and Rock Properties

Land surveyors will also inspect the soil and rock properties of your piece of land. This is a crucial process for any construction project. You are mainly trying to identify whether the soil and rock properties are favourable for the structure you want to build.

It is not uncommon for structures to start sinking after some months or years because of poor soil and rock properties; the inspection of soil and rock properties helps avoid or mitigate such occurrences. The surveyors should also find out how earthquakes can affect the soil and rocks in your piece of land.

This is also an inspection that should be carried out before purchasing a particular piece of land to avoid making a loss on your investment or time wastage. In most cases, poor soil and rock properties can be mitigated through various measures, but you might have to spend much more applying these measures, meaning an added construction project cost.