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Important Things to Note About Concrete Polishing

You may have realised that, over time, your concrete floors, whether exterior or interior, start to change colour, chip or crumble; this is due to dirt and traffic. Restoring concrete floors to their fresh and new look is achieved through concrete polishing. Here's what you need to know about concrete polishing

What Is Concrete Polishing?

Concrete polishing involves the use of concrete polishing equipment to clean, grind, buff, repair and smoothen a concrete floor. The floor is also sealed to protect it from damaging elements that cause cracking, scaling and chipping.

Why Is Concrete Polishing Done?

Concrete polishing is mainly done to achieve two goals: to restore the aesthetics of a concrete floor and to restore the functionality of a particular concrete floor.

  • Restoring Aesthetics – A discoloured, chipped or dirty-looking concrete floor is, of course, not good to look at. It can make your premises look untidy and even unprofessional, especially in commercial spaces. Concrete polishing brings back the smooth, neat and shiny appearance of a concrete floor.
  • Restoring Functionality – A concrete floor serves many purposes. It provides a smooth and durable surface that can withstand heavy traffic and that allows the easy movement of castor wheels. It can also act as an energy-saving solution, where it reflects natural light and brightens up a room, meaning there is no need to use artificial lighting. Concrete polishing helps restore a concrete floor to continue providing these functional needs.

Commercial and Residential Concrete Floors Have Different Uses

When looking to hire concrete polishing services, note whether you are in a commercial or residential setting so that you hire the right services. For commercial spaces, hire a commercial concrete polishing contractor. On the other hand, hire residential concrete polishing contractors for residential settings.

Different concrete floors are made to suit particular rooms and uses. In a residential setting, you might find that the concrete floor used in a living room is different from the concrete floor used in a bathroom. The difference may lie in slip resistance, where the concrete floor in your bathroom might have higher slip resistance than the concrete floor in your living room.

With that in mind, commercial concrete floors are subjected to higher traffic daily when compared to residential concrete floors. This means that concrete polishing services for commercial floors consider the higher traffic and polish and finish the floor in a way that will withstand the traffic.

To learn more, contact a concrete polishing company.