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3 Design Options to Consider for Glass Kitchen Splashbacks

Incredibly durable, hygienic and easy to clean, glass splashbacks have become a popular design element in today's kitchens. In addition to protecting your walls from food spills and stains, glass splashbacks add visual appeal and can brighten up otherwise dull spaces. If you don't already have a stunning centrepiece in your kitchen, glass splashbacks could be what you need to take your kitchen to another level.

Glass splashbacks are available in various design options, and below are the three main ones you should consider for your kitchen.

Mirrored Glass

Mirrored splashbacks feature reflective glass, which enhances the kitchen by magnifying its view. The mirror effect allows the splashback to reflect instead of absorbing light, making the room feel brighter and look bigger than it is. They create an interactive space and open up boxed kitchens that feel dull and uninviting. This design is an excellent choice for small, compact kitchens, especially those that feature an open-plan layout. 

When choosing this design, take care to up your maintenance game. Stains and spills on the splashbacks can hinder their ability to reflect light. Therefore, wipe them down regularly to maintain that reflective finish, which will enhance the appearance of your kitchen.

Painted Glass 

If the conventional glass splashbacks are not your thing, you could consider going for painted glass. Painted glass allows you to achieve almost any colour for your splashbacks. Whether you want bold, bright colours, neutral or metallic ones, all is possible with painted glass. This aspect makes the design an excellent choice for any kitchen, and it is a favourite of homeowners who don't shy away from experimenting with colour.

When choosing bold, bright colours such as blue and red, ensure they marry with the rest of the design elements in the kitchen. Also, be sure that you will enjoy the colours all year round — splashbacks are costly, and you can't keep changing them every season. If you have reservations, consider opting for neutrals, such as black or grey.

Printed and Patterned Glass 

Prints and graphics are a popular design element in kitchens today. Just like painted glass, this option is great if you want to achieve a kitchen with bold and unique style elements. You can work with any prints and graphics, from patterned digital designs to artwork. What's more, you can use graphics to mimick materials such as natural stone and tile as well.

Prints can be implemented using neutral or bold colours. Whichever you choose, ensure it blends with the rest of the room for a seamless appearance. Also, take care not to go with overly bold prints that can make your splashback and benchtop areas look unpleasantly busy.

As you choose your glass splashbacks, work with high-quality toughened glass that can resist scratches and chips. Hire a professional contractor for a perfect installation job!