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Use Paint to Change What People Think About You and Your Property

The benefits of painting the exterior walls of your residential or business building cannot be underestimated. Paint is a powerful tool to use when branding your business or when improving the look and value of your residential building. The exterior walls are prone to harsh weather elements that degrade their quality. Poorly maintained exterior walls compromise the curb appeal of your building in a big way. However, repainting these walls changes everything and sends appealing information about your home. But when should you contact some professional painters to paint exterior walls?

Paint Bubbling

Paint bubbling indicates that your exterior walls need to be painted. Paint bubbling occurs when the paint loses adhesion. Although using low-quality paints causes paint bubbling, painting when the humidity levels are high and when the walls are damp and wet also causes the problem. Those small or medium raised paint film blisters indicate paint failure you need to correct immediately. The new paint coat shouldn't be applied before the damaged paint on the walls has been scraped, and quality primer applied. Extensive bubbling occurs due to some leaking pipes, and that's why professional painters identify the cause before they apply the fresh coat on the exterior walls.


Mildew likes to grow on damp surfaces such as on the exterior walls and siding. Leaky plumbing, broken downspouts, broken gutters and excessive rain make the exterior walls wet, making them a good environment for mildew growth. Eliminating the mildew menace is hard if you haven't first identified what causes dampness on the exterior walls and if you don't have the tools necessary to get rid of it for good. Professional painters know the bleach solution to apply on the exterior walls before they paint them. Making your mildew-infested walls attractive again isn't easy without the help of professional painters.

Faded Paint

A paint colour that is excessively lightened is said to be faded. The ultraviolet rays from the sun have some severe effects on the paint colour since they break down the paint's colour pigments, leaving it less attractive. Never use paint that is known to cause premature paint fading. Some people go for the low-quality paint since it's cheaper, but they don't know that the paint contains a lower concentration of colour binders and pigments.

Chalking and paint peeling also indicate that time to repaint your exterior walls is now. Some people feel they just need to buy quality paint and apply it on the exterior walls themselves to save on cost. While it sounds a great idea, it's among the regrettable decisions to make since you would lose more money and time. Let painting professionals work on your unappealing exterior walls to increase the value and curb appeal of your building or property.