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Important Things You Need to Know About Concrete Boat Ramps

Concrete boat ramps are ramps made of concrete. They are built beside a water body to launch/haul out and retrieve trailer boats. People prefer concrete ramps because of their unyielding surface. They can easily resist boat wakes, floods, tidal movements and hydraulic pressure. This means that they are constructed in a special way, which is more complex than stone or compressed dirt boat ramps.

What Are the Factors Considered During Concrete Ramp Construction?

Before diving into these factors, it is important to note that you should use a skilled and qualified contractor. Ensure that the contractor has vast experience and many positive reviews. The factors considered include:

•    Getting A Permit Building a boat ramp requires a permit. Don't take this negatively. The permit comes with a site inspection that ensures you build the correct boat ramp. The inspection checks on how the ramp might affect the water body or how the ramp will be affected by environmental factors. It helps you know how to build the ramp to avoid negatively affecting the waterbody and ensure your ramp is durable.

•    Ensuring You Have A Good Concrete mix Different areas have different environmental conditions that may damage your ramp. It is therefore important to identify them and come up with a concrete mix that can withstand these conditions. Get a contractor who knows how to effectively mix concrete based on the external factors that may affect the concrete.

•    Ramp Width You might find a standard ramp width that caters for a majority of trailer boats and trucks. Don't have doubts about going wider. If you have the money, do so. A wider ramp can be beneficial to you in an instance where you either have a wide track or a wider boat.

•    Ramp Depth When looking at ramp depth, the foot of the ramp is considered. It should not go deep because if it does, it may get damaged and you may end up carrying out frequent repairs that eat away your hard-earned money.

•    Ramp Slope Remember you will be reversing your truck or vehicle to haul out or retrieve your boat. You don't want your rear axle submerged in water as you do this. Ensure the ramp slope is ideal.

What Type of Concrete Boat Ramp Services Can You Get?

You might assume that the only type of concrete service you need is the construction of a new concrete boat ramp. This is not the case. You can also have repair and replacement boat ramp work.

A boat ramp can undergo sand leeching brought about by loss of beach profile. When this happens, the ramp can collapse and you will require repair services.

Sand loss can also lead to the creation of voids under the ramp. This will damage your ramp and a full replacement is needed.

To avoid such problems, get a skilled and qualified contractor to construct your concrete boat ramp.