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Types of Machinery in the Quarry Industry

Quarries have been vital to civilisation since the days of the pyramids. Without quarries, we probably would not have access to as much sand, gravel, and stones, which we use for construction purposes. We would also lack reliable transport services, considering that we use quarry products on roads, airports, and railways.

Many types of quarries vary depending on the specific aggregate. Some methods are quite risky and complicated, while others are straightforward. However, since the demand for quarry products is high, quarry experts have advanced the mining equipment to simplify the process. 

In this guide, we will walk you through the leading mining equipment that earthmoving contractors use. 

1. Stripping and drilling equipment

All quarrying processes begin by removing the materials on the surface. To do this, the quarry experts either strip the surface or blast it with explosives. In the surface stripping method, miners use crawler tractors, especially the large scale bulldozers. 

The tractors use their front-mounted blades to move the massive amounts of debris or objects which lie between the aggregate and the surface. Once they remove the trash, they drill holes and pack explosives into the holes. The explosives help to remove large amounts of objects from the ground.

2. Wheel loaders

A wheel loader is a machine that the miners use to remove debris. There are many types of wheel loaders, and their difference depends on the amount of dirt they can carry. Despite their differences, however, all-wheel loaders have the same design. 

They have a hydraulic arm as well as a bucket, whose capacity can carry up to 35 tons of debris. Quarry services professionals use the smaller wheel loaders for small scale projects and the larger ones for the large propjets which handle more massive amounts of objects. 

3. Crushing equipment

Miners use crushers to convert the larger stones into small ones. Crushers have an elaborate system of fixed steel plates, vibrators, and jaws that break the product into small pieces. Miners can adjust the crushers to produce different sizes depending on the requirements of the operations productions. Quarry services trucks carry sized products to customers or companies for more processing.

Quarrying is a vital process that boosts the economy through the extraction of valuable minerals. However, it requires a high level of expertise to minimise adverse environmental impacts. So, if you are considering hiring quarry services, ensure that the right company has the above equipment, among other factors.