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Top Built-In Wardrobe Designs for Studio Apartment Owners

Studio apartment owners typically complain the most about the lack of enough space in their apartments. The reason for this is that a bedroom that is clear of regular clutter and discarded clothing creates a sense of rest in addition to enhancing aesthetics. It is no wonder that built-in bedrooms have become so popular among studio apartment owners. The design creates adequate space without necessarily infringing on space. While there are various designs of built-in wardrobes, many interior designers recommend custom designs. Here are a few of the most popular custom built-in wardrobe designs.   

Open-Sided Built-In Wardrobes -- It is arguably the most sought-after built-in wardrobe design, especially for large bedrooms. As the name suggests, the open-sided design features a wall that has two open sides. One side of the two open ends acts as the built-in wardrobe, thereby ensuring maximum utilisation of the storage space. Installed in the middle of the bedroom, an open-sided design doubles up as a wall that divides an expansive floor space. For example, if you place a bed on the flat side of the built-in wardrobe, the clothing hanging from the wardrobe side will not be visible.   

Classic Built-In Wardrobes -- While some people love intricate built-in wardrobe designs, others are content with simple, vintage wardrobes with sleek doors.  If you don't want to go over the top with your wardrobe design, then the classic built-in wardrobe design is well-suited for your storage needs. A common characteristic of the design is the floor to ceiling doors. The style does a magnificent job of hiding the contents of the wardrobe perfectly. Moreover, since the doors run up, it can be difficult for one to know that a wardrobe exists in the room. Therefore, you get an opportunity to make a bed or desk standing next to a closet the focal point of a room.   

Camouflaged Built-In Wardrobes -- A built-in wardrobe helps to save space by creating storage space where it wouldn't traditionally be found. However, you can achieve much more than just enough storage space with camouflaged built-in wardrobes thanks to the illusion the model creates. First, the closet doesn't have handles that can easily give away the location of the wardrobe. Second, you can apply wallpaper to the built-in wardrobe's front, thereby making every inch appear like the other walls in your bedroom.

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