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5 Ways That Planting Fruit Trees in Your Yard Can Benefit Your Young Children

Did you know that just 8% of children play outdoors these days? In the age of mobile phones, widescreen TVs and the internet, it's important to encourage your children to enjoy the outdoors —without their mobile phone in hand! Believe it or not, but fruit trees can help you to get your younger children out of their rooms and into your backyard.

Investing in several young fruit trees will provide your children with many benefits.

1. Rearing Fruit Trees Teaches Children Patience

Modern children are more impatient than ever before. This is partly due to the speed at which technology allows them to move between activities, such as gaming and internet surfing. However, if you give your children their own fruit trees to rear, they will gradually learn the art of patience.

As their fruit tree goes through each phase, from leaf to flower, and from flower to fruit, they'll begin to enjoy the wait, anticipating each new phase with excitement. 

2. Caring For Fruit Trees Teaches Children to Be Gentle 

Younger children are often a little rough when it comes to dealing with nature. This is understandable, but alarming at times! Fortunately, by giving your child a fruit tree to care for just as you care for your child, they will begin to learn to the value of gentleness. And they'll think twice before breaking twigs or branches from trees in nature, as they'll know that doing so is harmful.

3. Watering and Feeding Fruit Trees Instils Responsibility

When it comes to cleaning their room and doing mundane household chores, children can become bored very easily. Put a fruit tree in their care, however, and they may enjoy having a sense of responsibility, as long as you guide them along the way.

4. Completing a Growing Project Provides Achievement

One of the best ways to build your children's confidence is to give them opportunities to gain a sense of achievement. Imagine how your child will feel when they finally pluck a fresh strawberry from the plant they have spent months nurturing. That one horticultural victory may spur them on to even greater gardening heights.

5. Start With Dwarf Fruit Trees For Very Young Children

If you want to get your youngest children involved too, or you'd rather keep your gardening on your patio or decking, invest in some dwarf fruit trees. Dwarf fruit trees grow to around 10 inches in height so won't dwarf your youngest children!

Are you looking for ways to beautify your garden and get your kids outdoors more? Then find a wholesale nursery near you and purchase some young fruit trees.