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3 Ideas To Turn A Retaining Wall Into A Garden Centrepiece

Retaining walls are used to protect the structure of your home from damage caused by soil erosion or movement. And while they perform a protective function, there's no reason why they can't add a decorative element to the facade of your home. This guide looks at some ideas to help you turn your retaining wall into a garden centrepiece – blending aesthetics with functionality.

Create A Raised Garden Bed 

Retaining walls on their own may not be able to create that allure you're looking for. But when you combine it with a raised garden bed, you'll create a visual masterpiece – especially with colourful flowers, creepers and vines that burst with colour. If you have a retaining wall that is higher, then you can add some hanging plants to add more visual interest to the extra vertical space. While you can use any type of plant, you may want to choose plants that can survive year-round in your local region. For example, Australian native plants like emu bush and kangaroo paws are extremely hardy and can survive in different weather conditions – making them ideal choices for retaining wall garden beds. You will need to consider everything from hot summers to cold winters to sunlight orientation when choosing plants and flowers. 

Consider The Retaining Wall Material 

The retaining wall material you choose can make a huge impact on the aesthetics of your home, especially if you want to make it the centrepiece of your garden. To create visual appeal, you may want to consider a material that stands out from the rest of your home rather than blending in. For example, if you have a timber home, you may want to consider a stone retaining wall. If you have a painted home, then timber retaining walls may provide the ideal visual break. Depending on what appeals personally to you, options range from concrete retaining wall blocks to rock boulders to timber slats. 

Add Some Art To The Existing Wall 

Art can make an impact on the way your retaining wall looks around your home, so you may want to consider decorating it with mosaic tiles, metal art panels or canvas paintings. The different patterns, colours and textures will add to the visual drama. Keep in mind that you may need to get these art pieces customised to fit your existing wall. You'll also want to ensure that whatever you choose is weatherproof and suited to outdoor use. 

Let these ideas get your creative juices flowing to bring your retaining wall to life.