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A Guide to Buying Bathroom Fittings

When designing your bathroom, there are a number of options available. Tapware is an important decorative feature for any building. Toilets, basins and bathtubs vary in price and style. Here is a guide to the different fittings available.

Tapware styles

There are a few different types of tapware available. Pillar taps offer one cold tap and one hot tap. They can be used on basins which have two spaces for tapware. Mixer taps produce cold and hot water. They can be a simple structure fixed to a basin, or they can feature an extendable tap to reach a greater area. There are also wall-mounted taps which work well with basins that are situated beneath a bench. If you purchase a wall-mounted tap that is to be placed on a tiled wall, you will need to remove tiles, and then you can seal around the tapware on the wall. There are also boiling water taps available; these are typically installed in kitchens.

There are also different handles available for all of the types of tapware. There are handles which can be raised to turn the water on and handles which you push to use. Additionally, tapware varies in spout size. The bigger the basin, the larger your spout should be. You can also choose different spout shapes, depending on what design you prefer.

Check your water pressure

One factor to consider is the pressure of the water that your property produces. Tapware will vary in what degree of water pressure that it can use. A plumber can find what your water pressure is.


There are a number of basin styles and sizes. You can purchase basins which are mounted to the wall, underneath a bench or on a stand. Basins can have one or two spaces for tapware. Ensure that your basin is suitable for your tapware before you purchase it, or if you are purchasing new taps, check that they will fit in your existing basin.


There are various toilets available with a range of cost options. Toilets can be attached to the wall, or the cistern can be placed behind the wall.


Bathtubs can be fitted into your bathroom floor, or they can stand above the floor. They can be made from different materials, creating different effects. It is important to consider the type of bathtub that you will have in your bathroom so that you can find suitable tapware.