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Home Construction: Practical Surveying Tips Before Commencing Building

If you have an empty lot and would like to build a new home, you should plan for surveying before commissioning the construction of the structure. Often, people overlook this critical process because it increases the project expenses. Unfortunately, the oversight can lead to disputes with neighbours and legal complications. In some cases, you might be forced to demolish part of your structure, and the losses can be overwhelming. If you are planning on building in the near future, you should consider these surveying tips for ideal results.

Know Your Lot Size

You should have the right information on your lot size before designing your house. In simple terms, you should not force a house plan to fit into your lot. Instead, you should have a survey performed and the exact measurements of the property confirmed. Then, you can proceed with designing a home that is perfectly suited for the available space. During the survey, you should obtain the details on the dimensions and the shape of the lot. The information is critical for a feasible design, especially if the land is irregularly shaped. You should also take into account the existing structures within the land or any features such as driveways, sheds or carports that you might want to include in the space.

Check the Boundaries

You should have the exact position of your property's boundaries clearly marked out by your surveying service before beginning construction. You should not assume anything, even if there is an existing fence around your property. Remember, if you encroach on another person's land, you will eventually have to deal with a dispute with the neighbour. Also, if you build on an easement, you might have to face legal consequences. Once you have established your boundaries, you should think about speaking to your neighbour about the installation of a new fence or upgrading the old one.

Consider Subdivision

Finally, you should take the opportunity during the land surveying process to learn whether land subdivision is a viable option for your lot. It is important to consider dividing your land because there are numerous potential benefits. You can sell a section and keep the rest for personal use. You can also develop both pieces of land and rent out one house for long-term income. If your lot can be subdivided, you should inquire about the potential costs of the process. Then, you can determine if the development plan is feasible for your needs.