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The Most Common Reasons for Automatic Garage Doors to Act Up

If your home's automatic garage door isn't working as it should, the first thing you might check is the battery in the remote. Oftentimes fresh batteries are all that's needed to get the garage door functional again. However, if this doesn't address the problem you're having with your home's garage door, note a few other common reasons for it to be acting up. This can alert you to fixes you might be able to make on your own or to any repairs you might need to have done by a professional.

Worn rollers

Garage doors run on rollers that are inside of tracks. When these rollers get worn down, rusted or otherwise damaged in any way, you may hear the motor hum, but the door won't move smoothly and may even get stuck in the middle of the track.

You can often replace worn rollers yourself; be sure to buy the same size and type as the current rollers and to disconnect the garage door from its power source. Bend the track backwards with a pair of pliers and pull out the old roller; then replace it with a new one. Reshape the track and reconnect the door, and this can get it moving again properly.

Photo eyes are not aligned

Photo eyes are two points on opposite sides of the garage door frame, sending a beam of light between them. If that beam is interrupted, the door won't work, as a safety precaution against closing on something that is underneath the door. You can check to see if the photo eyes are clean of any debris, but note their alignment as well. Measure the distance of each eye off the ground, and then run a string from one to the other. If the eyes are a different height or the string doesn't line up properly, you'll need the photo eyes serviced by a technician.

Transmitter signals

For your garage door to operate, it needs to receive the signal from the remote control, or transmitter, in your car or on your keychain. If you're close enough to the garage and the remote still isn't opening or closing the door, check the antenna of the motor or the housing unit that is on the garage ceiling. This piece should have a transmitter than hangs down from the unit; make sure that nothing is blocking it so it can receive that signal from the remote. If this antenna is damaged, a repair person then needs to replace it.

For more information on garage door and garage roller door repairs, contact a professional.