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The Common Window Security Films Available in the Market

A window security film can be described as a PET or polyester sheet that is placed on either glazing or glass to hold the pieces together whenever it is forced to break or shatter. Such films come in various ranges to serve a variety of applications. The films are resistant to puncture or shutter making them a must-have on all your windows. Some of the commonly used window safety films are further discussed below.

  1. Anti-Graffiti Films – This film is essential especially in areas with a lot of graffiti vandalism. They can also be quite useful for seasonal decorating to preserve the surface beneath. The anti-graffiti safety and security films are designed to offer a protective layer against the troublesome tags which can deface your window surfaces.  This feature helps in preventing permanent damage to the face of your property. The films also avoid the costly repair and clean up required to get rid of the paint. The windows safety films are created to be installed on smooth external surfaces such as glass or stainless steel. The adhesives used to set the film ensures that it is incredibly durable and effortless to remove. This characteristic simplifies the task of removing the layers when no longer required. Apart from protection against graffiti, the film also blocks UV rays as well scratches.
  2. Clear Safety Window Films – This kind of film can be used by people who wish to maintain a transparent glass appearance on their establishments. Such places can include stores and offices which seek to advertise the products offered inside. The films ensure that you have an unobstructed view while at the same providing security to you and your windows. The clear safety window films are designed to protect against theft or intrusion. Also, they ensure that you are safe from shatters brought about by common window accidents. They are also capable of reducing hazards which might be caused by either blasts or explosions.  
  3. Solar Security Window Films – This class of window security film can be used to offer a lot of protective services to your windows. The film can be used to give defence against external heat as well as window shutter accidents. They also are known to increase privacy within the building due to their tinted nature. One of the most outstanding features about such window films is that it allows enough sunlight through while protecting the valuable property inside from fading.