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4 Reasons You Shouldn't Unclog Your Own Blocked Drains

If you've got a blocked drain, you can attempt to fix it yourself, but there are a few reasons why you may just want to leave the job to the pros. Here's a look at some risks of doing it yourself.

1. DIY Drain Uncloggers Don't Always Work

The internet is peppered with ideas on how to make your own solutions to unclog blocked drains. In some cases, they can be effective, but they often don't work or lead to other issues.

For example, vinegar and soda bicarbonate can work for reducing odours in your drains, but they don't work to eliminate clogs. In particular, vinegar and soda bicarbonate do nothing to dissolve grease, and the chemical reaction between these two ingredients can often make a bubbly mess around your drain.

Some people like to use lye, but when lye comes into contact with water, it creates heat which can melt plastic pies. In some cases, the heat can create a combustible reaction, and if that substance comes back up the drain, you risk chemical burns on your skin.

2. Tools Can Scratch Porcelain

If you're trying to remove a clog deep in your toilet pipes, definitely don't try using a wire coat hanger, and if you are inexperienced with snakes, coils and augers, you may want to stay away from those as well. Using those tools inexpertly may cause you to leave scratches in the porcelain of your toilet.

3. You May Damage Pipes

Whether you're working on the toilet or another drain, there's a chance that you may damage the pipes. Old pipes are easily prone to cracks or breakage if you hit them too forcefully with an drain unclogging tool. If you have galvanised pipes, using a snake can scrape the insides of the pipe.

A drain professional knows exactly which tools to use based on the size, material, and age of your pipes. That protects you from any accidents or damage.

4. You May Miss the Clog

Even if you bypass all of the above risks, there is still one key issue. Without adequate experience, you may miss the clog. It can be hard to detect clogs, and in some cases, you may go to all the trouble of renting equipment just to realise that the clog is too deep in your system to reach.

Professionals have the experience to sense where clogs are located, and in many cases, drain specialists have cameras that they can use to pinpoint the clog.

To learn more, contact a professional about your blocked drain today.