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When to Use a Hiring Company for Transport Labour

If you need to hire transport labour, you might want to consider using a hiring company to fill this position for you. There are many good reasons to consider using a hiring company especially for this type of personnel; note a few times in particular when it's good to use their services so you can determine whether this is the right choice for your transport labour needs.

1. When your labour does more than drive

Some drivers do nothing but drive; they may pull the truck up to a loading dock after which a forklift driver unloads the pallets in the back. The driver needs to do nothing more than open the back of the truck and get a signature for paperwork. However, this isn't true of all drivers; you may need someone to actually bring packages inside a building or may be looking to hire furniture movers or someone who also unloads trucks at your own warehouse.

These added jobs will mean different skills and even physical abilities for drivers, but you can't assume that someone who drives a truck will also be able to unload goods, especially larger and heavier items. A license for trucking also doesn't mean that the person will be capable of operating a forklift or even a hand truck. For these types of added responsibilities, it's good to use a hiring company, as they can ensure they find skilled personnel who can manage these added jobs.

2. When you have a high turnover rate

If you hire transport personnel yourself but find that you cannot seem to keep the personnel on staff, you might discuss this with a labour-hiring company. You may not be describing the job properly or screening the potential personnel properly, so your new hires may have unmet expectations or lack the proper qualifications. A labour-hire company will know what questions to ask you about the position you need filled and will be better skilled at finding qualified personnel so your drivers are more likely to stay on staff long term.

3. When you're not sure of the licensing required for your particular transport needs

There are many different types of licensing required for various types of trucks and transportation; if you're not sure about the requirements, it's best to leave this hiring to a labour company. Not only will they know the current licensing needed for transport labour, but they will also keep up with any changes in those requirements and will also ensure their potential hires will have current licensing that is updated as needed.