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Important Factors to Remember When Choosing a Trailer for Hire

Hiring a trailer can be a great way of hauling equipment and tools as well as furniture or anything else as needed, without the expense of actually owning a trailer, finding a place to store it, and so on. When you do hire a trailer, you want to ensure you choose the right one and know what's involved in its use, so note a few important factors to remember when you're ready to rent.

Covered or not

A trailer may be open while some may be completely enclosed. The enclosed trailer gives you more security as you can more readily lock your expensive tools and equipment inside, but note that this also cuts down on your visibility when driving. A covered trailer also makes it more inconvenient to quickly access tools you may need when working. Balance the security you need with the quick access you want for your trailer, and always note how difficult it would be to back up and work around tight spaces with a tall, covered trailer behind you.

Caged trailers

If you do opt for an open trailer, you may want to choose one with caged sides rather than just slats if you're carrying small items. The caged sides are better for enclosing small tools and other pieces that are more likely to fall out of the area in between slats.

Specialty trailers

You may not realize that there are specialty trailers that are meant for hauling certain items in particular, so it's good to ask about these, depending on your need for the trailer. If you want to tow a motorcycle or ATV, some will have trenches in the floor for the wheels and special tie-downs to keep your bike secure. Others may have hooks on the sides of the trailer for holding long pieces such as rakes and shovels and other gardening equipment. These specialty trailers can give you some added security for your items and also help to keep things neat and organized.

Levelling jacks

Note if any trailer you might hire has levelling jacks, as this will help to keep it secure on uneven surfaces. If you're going to park the trailer anywhere but on a city street, consider that it may start to slip and pull your vehicle with it. Levelling jacks or chocks will help to keep the tires in place more readily than if you use bricks, blocks of wood, and other pieces not meant to keep a heavy trailer in place.