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Metal Carports: Tips to Keeping Them Well Maintained

If you do not have a garage, carports are one of the most convenient structures that you could invest in as shelter for your vehicle. A popular material used to manufacture these carports is metal. Nevertheless, although metal is supposed to be durable and hardwearing, it does not mean it will be immune to direct exposure to the elements over time. If you would like to keep your metal carport in optimum condition, there are a number of measures that you would have to take. Below are some handy tips that you could use to keep your metal carport well maintained.

Tip 1: Regularly inspect for superficial damage on the carport

With your carport out in the open, it will become prone to superficial damage in the form of scratches, cracks and minor holes. These can come about due to exposure to high impact or gradual abrasion from severe weather. No matter the cause, it would be prudent to address these minor damages as they occur. Leaving them unchecked will inevitably lead to them worsening, and this will compromise the structural integrity of carport. Keep in mind that if the coating of the carport starts chipping, there will be an increase in the likelihood of corrosion as moisture makes its way to the metal. Take the time to repair these damages by ensuring holes and scratches are filled, primed and painted.

Tip 2: Insulate your metallic carport

Although garages are typically insulated, this tends to be overlooked when it comes to carports. Some homeowners may assume that since they do not use their carport as a living space, then it will not require any insulation. The reality is the insulation does not simply function to keeping the ambient temperatures in the carport comfortable. Instead, insulation will also function to prevent the formation of condensation in your carport. This is especially crucial if you live in an area prone to erratic temperature changes as the rapid heating and cooling of the air will cause a buildup of moisture within the carport. As the moisture dries and reforms, the interior of your carport becomes susceptible to rust.

Tip 3: Direct precipitation away from your metallic carport

There are a number of ways that you can direct precipitation away from your carport. If you live in an area that is prone to showers, then you should invest in a carport with an A-frame style of roof. This will ensure that any water that falls onto the carport will easily flow away from it. A second measure you could take would be installing gutters and downspouts on your carport. Some homeowners may overlook this, but it can significantly help in reducing any standing water from collecting on the roof of your carport.