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Four Signs Tilt Up Panels Are Right for Your Home

Tilt up panels were long in the domain of office buildings, shops and other commercial spaces, but many builders are now using tilt up panels in residential construction. If you are building a new home, you may be wondering if tilt up panels are right for you. Here are a few signs that they are:

1. You want concrete walls.

Tilt up panels are concrete walls. Many people love their insulating properties and their built-in strength. Others enjoy their industrial look and like the idea of pairing them with polished concrete floors. Conversely, some homeowners prefer the traditional looks of wood frame walls or bricks. If you fall into the latter category, tilt up panels may not be right for you.

2. You want your house built quickly.

Part of the allure of tilt up panels is that they speed up the construction process. In fact, using tilt up panels, builders can create a three-story commercial building in just a few days. With a smaller structure such as a home, the process is likely to be considerably faster.

3. You have a large lot or plenty of room surrounding your lot.

Tilt up panels are poured on site, and because of that, you need room on or near your lot to host the casting beds. If you have limited space but you like the idea of concrete tilt up panels, you may want to look into prefabricated panels. These create the same final effect in your home, but they are fabricated off site and then brought to the building site. This can help conserve space.

In addition to needing room to cast the panels, you also need space for machinery to maneuver around. For example, you may need a concrete truck to pour concrete into the casts, and you may need cranes to hoist up the walls. With traditional home construction, in contrast, you don't need that much space.

4. You aren't worried about threats to grass or trees.

In addition to needing lots of room for work trucks to move around the building site, you also need to keep their weight in mind. In the rare case that you have already started to grow grass around your lot or if you have laid down sod around the edges of your lot, the weight of the trucks can damage their growth.

Similarly, if there are trees on the lot, it's important to remember that heavy trucks can cause the soil around their roots to compact, and that can lead to damage to the tree itself. If you cannot see a way to work around the trees to protect their root structures, you may want to consider an alternative to tilt up panels.  

For more information and to figure out if tilt up panels are right for your project, speak with a tilt up panels specialist.